Whether you have been on a million dates with people that you met online, or are still preparing for your first, we can all do with a little bit of advice when it comes to the dating world!

    1. BE READY

Online dating can be enormously rewarding but also stressful.  Before venturing into the dating pool you need to ask yourself the question “Am I ready”?  For Nolongerlonely I always advise users to have a good conversation with a therapist or trusted advisor before venturing into online dating.



My best advice is to stand out. Be specific and share things about yourself that will make someone take notice. Instead of generic likes/dislikes tell a story. Highlight interesting life events and accomplishments.



Don’t just sit back and wait for the messages to show up in your inbox.  Browse the site, read profiles in-depth and send someone a message. Flattery is as strategy as long as you are sincere about it.



While it is possible you will immediately meet the person of your dreams, odds are it will take some time and of course there are no guarantees.  Online dating allows you to be selective in seeking others that match criteria you value, which increases the odds of a good connection and a great thing about Nolongerlonely is you never have to worry about disclosing your condition.


  5. BE SAFE

We at Nolongerlonely are committed to your safety.  Every incoming profile is heavily scrutinized and the eyes and ears of our community serve as an effective line of defense.  That said you still need to exercise common sense when using the site and to guard your personal information until a significant level of trust has been attained.


Have you signed up for No Longer Lonely yet? No? What are you waiting for? It’s free and only takes a couple minutes! Check stigma at the door. Everyone on the site has some kind of mental illness.

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