Whether you are currently in a long-distance relationship or talking to someone online who lives far from away from you, there are always new ways to keep the relationship thriving! In this blog, we will be focusing on ways to stay in touch with your significant other who is not just a short car ride away. 



  1. Have a goal in mind


We say this as the first tip as it is really important that you both see the same end goal. If you two are both thinking on two different mindsets this can lead to a potential break up in the future. You can not be in a long-distance relationship forever so what are the steps that you both are going to take to end up together? 


  1. Know each schedules 


Perhaps, you two have different work schedules. One might be free while the other is working. So, when it comes time to finally talk to one another, you want to make sure that you are both available. If you never find a good time to talk it will get rather hard to find time to understand how each other’s day was. 


  1. Snail mail 


With technology these days we can communicate with one another like never before! From texting to face timing it is easy to stay connected. But perhaps all this communication via technology is becoming less and less personal. This is why we listed snail mail as our #3 tips on our tip list! Try sending each other handwritten letters. This certainly adds a personal touch to your relationship with a little added love and care. 



  1. Make visits to see each other 


It’s always nice to know the next time you are going to see the one you love. So booking out plans in advance to see each other can give positivity and hope to the relationship. It’s nice when the travel is alternated from one to another so that it is split evenly and you can both become more involved in each other’s home life. 


And, always remember that distance makes the heart grow fonder! This distance will not be forever and if your bond is going to last it will certainly last through this time apart. A long-distance relationship may not be easy but it is worth the wait! 


That being said, the Internet has shrunk the world.  Just on Nolongerlonely, we have people from over 50 different countries.  While it is easier for romance to blossom in close quarters no matter where in the world someone hails from a relationship is possible.  Over the years anecdotally we have noticed that many of our marriages started long distance.


Thus, we recommend that you use technology


Online chat is great and now more than ever it seems everyone is an expert on Zoom. Video conferencing is easy and if you just do it one-on-one it is FREE.


Even now with most of the world sequestered why not start long-distance…It doesn’t make much difference now.


The idea of the heart grow fonder is true. You can build the solid structure of a relationship before the meeting.  Once you have the first hug…that first kiss…it will mean so much more!


Long-distance dating can be fun…learning about different parts of the world…different cultures…even if romance doesn’t blossom the experience can broaden our horizons.

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