Recent comments from site users encapsulate what I’m trying to achieve better than I could…

You made a nice update to the overall site within the past year or so. It’s looks fresher and seems more user friendly.

These people are our peers, and by extension of that, our friends. Everyone is doing the best that they can, and I respect that.

I’ve read your story in a few online articles and you are a remarkable and kind-hearted man. Thank you for all you do, to help people like me. Seeking love is a challenge for everyone, but when I used traditional sites, I always think after meeting a woman, now how long do I wait until I tell her I have mental illness. I haven’t had good experiences, the few times it’s happened. On this site, it’s so freeing, as that weight is lifted right from the get-go. The general public truly doesn’t understand that often the stigma of the illness, can be worse than the illness itself.





I have met more women on the traditional dating sites, but am truly hoping to meet one here. Just being able to ‘take the mask off’ right from the beginning, is such a relief. I always am weary when meeting women elsewhere, ‘when’ is going to be the appropriate time to tell them about my mental health challenges. And then, will they run away? One in particular did, in no friendly fashion. She thought I was supposed to tell her, before even meeting for coffee. Oh yea, that’s a good intro. And what if it went no further than coffee? Then, it wouldn’t matter, any way. And some women, make what they think are funny, or even snotty comments on their profile, how they’re not crazy and on a lot of psych meds, or certainly don’t want a guy like that.

And you know, the stigma around mental illness, can often be worse than the illness itself. Of course, you’d like to have as much with a woman as possible, but I’m not as intimidated by race, color, creed. politics, social interests, etc. as the 800 lb. gorilla lurking in my mental illness.

I’ve long admired your dedication to our community and I’m surprised at how far you’ve taken this website without much financial input from members

As such, people in our community can afford to access your website.  Speaking of which, you made many improvements and it’s more user-friendly than the previous version.  I don’t logon as often as I’d like but I plan to logon more often.  Even though I’ve never met anyone from the site, I’ve made many good pen pals over the years, some of which I still correspond today.

At previous NAMI meetings, I’ve mentioned this website and some of the attendees were surprised that a dating website is dedicated to our community.

To be honest, I haven’t had a lot of luck with the site, but a lot of that could have to do with my advanced years (67), lol. The market seems to be more in the younger generations. I totally get this and I must say I have made a few good friends through the site.

I think the concept of the site is wonderful and you are doing a great service to those of us who are struggling with mental/emotional disorders. I belong to a couple of other dating sites like but my gut tells me the women on there are just not going to understand me, nor am I sure I want to date someone who hasn’t had similar struggles.

Thank you for everything you do!  Your website has brought hope to our community, hope that is hard to come by at times.


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