Kindness Makes The World A Better Place

I was off to a bad start the other day. I had to call in that I was coming to work late (not the first time either). Once there I usually have a nice slow roll out to the start of my day…a coffee or two or three…check some emails…generate some regular reports…nothing too taxing. Instead this day I had a cluster of challenges (all without my caffeine fix) that put me to the test. Continue reading “Kindness Makes The World A Better Place”

Medication Talk

I’m a test case for the success of psychotropic medicine.  Most psychiatrists would attribute a predominant portion of my recovery to my dedication to a strict diet of psych meds. Other than the sole hospitalization I never went off meds. This was not an easy path and I do attribute a large portion of my recovery to having the right medicines prescribed to me and for sticking to them.  Staying with this medical regimen was not easy and it is easy to understand why many do not stick to it. Side effects can be extreme. However, I don’t ascribe a biomedical view of my disorder to the extent that most of the medical community does.  I believe the situation is more complicated than most doctors will admit. Continue reading “Medication Talk”

Growing Up In The 1980s – Guest Blog

Written By: Leah DeMarest

Growing up in the 1980s, mental illness wasn’t something we talked about in our homes and in our schools. It was taboo and very much unknown to the general public. As a young child, I had developed depression and anxiety after my parents got divorced when I was just 5 years old.

Continue reading “Growing Up In The 1980s – Guest Blog”