We are sure that you have heard time and time again that exercising and staying healthy can help reduce anxiety and boost your overall mood. Well, the rumors are true. And, this motivation is certainly what we all need right now during this crazy time. But, don’t worry we have some tips and tricks to help get you into a positive mindset as well as get you up and moving!



1: Start Eating Immune Boosting Foods


Consume foods that your body needs to stay healthy during this time where the virus is at its peak. We recommend incorporating immune-boosting foods into your daily routine as this can aid in helping your body prevent the virus. Example: Red bell peppers, sunflower seeds, almonds, oranges, turmeric, garlic, and green vegetables. 


2: Take Control Of Your Anxiety 


The fear of the Coronavirus can take an emotional toll. But always remember that you are not powerless! So, we recommend taking up some relaxation practices such as meditation and yoga as these methods are known to bring people back into a state of equilibrium. 


If you are not sure how to meditate or practice yoga, there are plenty of apps within the app store such as HeadSpace and Glo that can help to get you on the right track. Please note, these apps offer free services so don’t be afraid to give them a try! 


3: Exercise As Much As You Can 


Unfortunately, with the rules in place, we do need to stay away from crowded parks and keep our distance from one another when out and about but that doesn’t mean we can’t get up and get moving right in our very own living room! There are plenty of workouts you can do without any gym equipment in a small confined space. For example, we found a great article “17 Best Beginner Workout Moves From A Trainer To Try at Home.” 



And, remember we are all in this together! If you are looking for someone to chat with about this pandemic you can always reach out to the Nolongerlonely.com chat room! As we are quite an open and chatty community. 


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