I recently received a testimonial that brought me to tears.  It reinforced my conviction about the vital need for human connection and also the importance of stepping beyond our comfort zone.  I created this website to facilitate stories like this.  I’ll include it here (with names changed).  Its power is self-evident.

Its been a while since I’ve logged on, but I think about NLL pretty much daily.

The site hasn’t brought me the love of my life (yet?) but has been instrumental in some really good friendships.

You have had a hand in this…     tomorrow, someone I met from NLL is coming to stay with me for a few weeks.     He has OCD  and had sequestered himself in his flat pretty much for the past 10 years or so.

Through many emails, first on NLL, then elsewhere, Skype voice calls, Skype video calls, we talked about his Great American Adventure…   Some day.    Meanwhile, we saw each other through horrible breakups, ups, downs, and everything in between.

Then…   the passport struggle.came.. ( I take such things for granted, not worrying about how such things are processed.)      The roadblock was overcome, along with maybe the realization that OCD doesn’t have to hold him hostage.



Then there were REALLY cheap flights from the UK to Boston    Joking not so much now…   we wondered – could we both handle a long visit?     The click of the ‘purchase’ button was a tense one!

Tomorrow, I will pick up my friend John from the airport.   He  will be facing a lot of firsts, challenges, and anxiety.   I will be seeing my world through the eyes of another (with my own anxiety!).   There will be highs and lows, but it will be good, and his world will have expanded greatly.

John’s coming to visit…  and you very much helped with this adventure.    So, thank you.

And then a few weeks later…

John did make it to the US.    It wasn’t the easiest trip over – airports are intimidating for the uninitiated, especially those with anxiety.      However, he was able to put that behind him.    One phase of the trip so far seems to have made him happier than I’ve ever seen him.   It was a very nice peaceful getaway.   

We then had planned a trip to a big city, so we went.   This wasn’t the right fit for either one of us.    It was a low point, and I think we both are exhausted from it.   There are two more phases left for the traveler…. and here’s hoping that they both are wonderful.       While he’s away for a few days from here, I remark still how nice its been to have him around.      I kinda miss the guy.   🙂    

You asked if I had thought that there were other similar stories.   Undoubtedly there must be.   Your site, because of the nature of the members, encourages a deeper level of interaction.   There seems to be more caring in communication than experienced on other sites.   Just knowing that revealing a big part of your life will not necessarily illicit a negative reaction allows one to be more real.

At least that’s what I think.

We’re all on the same journey.   New experiences…opening ourselves up to others enable connections that heal.  Nolongerlonely is committed to creating a space that enables such connections.

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