For over a decade, has been an understanding community for those with a mental illness. No matter your diagnosis, the site is here to match people together without worrying about disclosing your illness.


Now with social distancing and sheltering-in-place having become the new normal, life has become even more a challenge for meaningful contact with others.  We are here to help you find that special someone! 


Our site is both desktop and mobile-friendly so you can always look up who is new to the new site whether you are sitting in your living room or are on the go!



You can create a Nolongerlonely profile for FREE! And access the site at your own pace.  After a free trial period, you can still use the site.  For those serious about meeting someone, we have a very affordable lifetime membership price.  For a short time, we only charge $6.95. That’s a one-time payment that grants you permanent membership.


Just see what others have been saying about the site: 


“Thanks to, I am now corresponding with a lovely lady from Atlanta. I am very grateful to the website for helping us get to know one another. Thanks again.”

Christian. B – Florida. 


“Nolongerlonely has been a great resource for finding like-minded people. I’ve been a member for over 10 years and have met some very interesting people, including my wife! I’ve been married for over 9 years now, but I still continue to meet people and make good friends on the site. It’s not just for dating and can be beneficial for anyone suffering from mental health issues as a place to find kindred spirits, pen-pals, and general support. As the name suggests, the site can really help you to be no longer lonely, or at least, a little less so.” John. O – Ohio. 


“I am currently a resident of Northern Idaho.  I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia,  bipolar,  delusional disorder,  major depression, and anxiety back in 2004 after having served 15 years in the Military. I am currently a disabled veteran. Having an awesome support system, including Doctors and Counselors, is what I have found to be the best coping device, along with religiously taking my medication. No longer lonely has introduced me to people who struggle with Mental Illness as I do. Most are easy to talk to and it has become somewhat of a community offering additional support if my normal support is unavailable. Plus, maybe I’ll eventually get a date!  Lol. 

Thank you for your time.”  John. B – New Jersey. 


In conclusion, making meaningful connections is more important now than ever before! You should know though that you are not alone in this time of social disruption.  You’d be surprised about how many people deal with the same issues.  It’s a great time to create a profile on and expand your social circle.  You might even find love.

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