Now more than ever people are utilizing online dating platforms such as due to the Coronavirus. And, with this influx of new members, we want to make sure that our users are staying safe online. But, we would like to take this time to remind you that we look out for red flags on our end and every member is vetted prior to being accepted on the site. This helps to stop scamming from occurring as safety is our number one priority!  


Signs You Have Run Into A Scammer: 

1.If the profile image looks like a stock photo image, this could be a potential scammer. For example, if the photo is too polished and posed. 

2.If this person asks for your workplace or address. We suggest to keep this secret as this is private information and not normal for someone to ask you right off of the bat from meeting online. 

3.The person asks for money, gift cards or bank account information. If this happens, please stop all communication IMMEDIATELY. As you should never trust a person who needs anything from you while speaking over a direct message. 

4.They can not meet you in person. Now, of course, you are going to want to meet this special someone eventually to make this into a relationship. But, that is rather hard to do if the person can never meet you. And, if they don’t want to chat with you on the phone then this is another sign that they could be a scammer. 

5.They want to take the conversation off of the site and move it over to a messaging app or texting. If this is asked of you right away please refrain from giving this person your personal information as this is seen as one of the top tactics for scammers. 

6.Odd language. If the user seems to speak in broken English or in a way that betrays where they say they are from. 

7.Lofty story – If they have a hard to believe story (i.e., stranded in another country or a recent widow of a soldier.) This is a way in which the scammer tries to pull at your heartstrings. 



Lastly, if you ever see any suspicious activity please be sure to reach out to our webmaster at As we will take care of this matter right away and appreciate all of your help!

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