Are you looking to make your next relationship a priority in your life? Well, we are here at we are here to help you find that very special someone. Below is a list of tips and tricks that we gathered together to help you land another date and move the relationship forward with the person you just met! 

  1. Plan your second date during your first date 


If things are going as planned on your first date then why not plan your second date? This will show that you are both interested in one another and also shows your commitment to the relationship. Take that risk and see where the path takes you! 

2.Be fun! 


If the date is fun and carefree there is more of a chance to create an organic connection. How does one go about doing this? Perhaps change up the scenery! Refrain from going out to dinner and plan a more adventurous date. Whether it’s an art museum or a cooking class this will help bring a dynamic into the relationship. 


3.Make sure you two talk right after your first date


If you had an amazing first date then why not let the other person know? We understand that it is hard to find someone that you want to spend your time with and really enjoy the conversations you have, so be sure to work on communication when you two are apart. 

4.Don’t overthink 


Stay present in the moment. It could be rather hard as meeting a new person who sparks your interest can be nerve-racking but try to stay relaxed and keep the conversation moving. And, make sure you listen to one another. Many people tend to just start talking rather than really sit and take into consideration what one another is saying. Make your date feel like they are important. 


The second date is a time to stop over analyzing each other and take the time to start really getting to know one another. As mentioned above, be sure to lock in a second date soon after the first date as you do not want to prolong seeing one another. Take the time spent on your second date to build up your connection and attraction. Here is the time to see if this can be sparks for a long term relationship.

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