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The Nolongerlonely team strongly advises its users to heed the advice of their local and national governments. Here in the USA, that means social distancing. While that may mean putting in-person get-togethers on hold, now is still a great time for online dating. The expression about waiting “will make the “heart grow fonder” here applies. So if you are in a relationship now that is interrupted by these behavioral changes or you’re looking for someone, here are some great resources to guide you through the process of virtual dating.



There are many ideas for virtual dating. Use your imagination or try one of these approaches:


From the UK some tips on sparking a romance in these uncertain times.


More fun ideas. Also, be sensitive to where people were in a relationship when the virus hit.



So now is a great time for online dating. I know times are tough and money tight. To that end, we’re offering our best deal ever! 


$6.95 for a LIFETIME membership. That’s right. One payment of $6.95 and you will be a PLATINUM member for life. Do you have virtual dating ideas of your own? We want to know! Email us at hello@nolongerlonely.com. If your idea makes our next newsletter we’ll gift a lifetime membership to you or the user of your choice.


Stay safe and stay positive! We’ll get through this!


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