So, you browsed through and found someone that shares common interests with you. The conversations never seem to end and there is a magical spark between the two of you. So, what is next for your quarantine love story you wonder? 



We understand that these are very odd times to build up a romance, but thank goodness for the internet! As people do not have to stop searching for that special someone even while confined within four walls, we can bridge the gap. 


So, to keep your connections strong with others that you have met on our site, we have some fantastic virtual date ideas to keep that fiery spark alive!  


  1. Dinner Delivery Swap


Just because restaurants are closed doesn’t mean you have to stop eating at local restaurants! So, support local business and have the nearest take out delivered to your new friend! From here, schedule a Zoom, Facetime or Google Hangouts date and watch one another unbox their dinner for the night that you sent to them! And, now you have a dinner date for two with a little surprise! 

 2. Game Night


Who doesn’t love a good game night? There are hundreds of apps in the app store that you can use to help get game -night going! Our personal top favorites are Heads Up, and Quiz Up (Click the links to download.)


 3. Netflix Party 


Feel right at home by watching a movie or TV show together by joining the Netflix Party Chrome Extension! (Click on the link to start the process.) By watching something together, you two can talk about the plot and this can then lead to a deeper conversation and strengthen your bond! 



We understand that dating virtually is not the same as dating in person, but here at, we can care about the safety and health of our members and urge you to use video-chatting sites to connect with others until this pandemic is over! 


The ideas listed above are sure to give your virtual date a splash of fun and help you take your relationship to the next level while in quarantine. Happy dating!

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