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Login Process

I'm having Problems Logging in. Can you help?
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x
Netscape Communicator/Navigator 4.x


I Forgot my Username/Password. Can you tell me what it is?

My Photos

Why Should I Post a Photo on NoLongerLonely?
How Do I Post Photo?
How Long Does it Take for My Photo to Appear with my Profile?

My Profile

How do I update my profile?
What are NoLongerLonely's profile guidelines?


What kind of commitment to security and privacy can I expect from NoLongerLonely?
What is NoLongerLonely?
Why NoLongerLonely?


How do I contact someone?
How do I find out if I've been contacted and how do I retrieve those messages?
What is the difference between Quick Search and Detailed Search?
How do I use the chat option?
What if I know the username of the person I wish to contact?
Can I save a search so I can repeat it without entering criteria every time?
What if I'm not getting enough responses to my search?
What if I'm not getting any responses to my profile?
Why Join Mailing List?
What if I have another user who I don't want contacting me any more?
What if I want to save a list of other members I am interested in?
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